Industries Served

Mission Tool and Manufacturing offers manufacturing solutions as diverse as our client base. Browse the list below to see how MTMís wide range of expertise can be applied to your unique manufacturing needs.


MTM Precision has produced a variety of machined and stamped components to the Aerospace industry serving Production and Offload Tooling entities for many customers with strict adherence to stringent quality requirements for fly parts.
We are qualified as a tier 1 and tier 2 supplier to the automotive industry supplying body, chassis and interior stampings and assemblies. We provide just in time shipping daily utilizing the Toyota Production System and Lean Manufacturing concepts.

MTM serves commercial industries including construction equipment, packaging equipment and printing equipment manufacturers as well as components for solar panel technology.

We manufacture a diverse array of consumer items ranging from retail merchandise products to squeegees.

MTM Precision supplies our government and military with an assortment of products ranging from vehicle components to ordnance and warhead components.

We manufacture parts and components for live steam locomotives as well as narrow gauge rolling stock.

MTM can provide complete restoration, repair and/or manufacturing services for Live Steam Locomotives.

We produce parts and components for Medical Treatment Equipment, Medical Device Manufacturing, monitors and pumps.

MTM has been a supplier of parts and accessories for major brand names in the motorcycle industry for over 20 years. Private-label manufactured components include hand grips, wheels, wheel hubs, brake rotors, mirrors, inner primary cases and outer primary covers and much more. With each new customer, the range of MTMís motorcycle products increases. Though you may never know it, there might just be MTM-manufactured parts on your own bike.

We supply parts and exotic materials for Semiconductor Equipment manufacturers in Californiaís Silicon Valley.

Serving the Telecommunication industry, MTM manufactures components to meet the demands of microwave communication technology in addition to glass-to-metal seal components.

Theme Parks
We provide repair components and construction parts to amusement park companies.

We are a supplier of parts and components to the California State Department of Transportation for applications such as the local Rapid Transit System.


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